About us

The Quriozzity team is backed by  research collators hailing from various backgrounds.

Vinay: Daktar Vinay Upadhyay, a renowned face in the quizzing circuit,he is the Chief researcher/collator is one of the founding members of Quriozzity. He kept the flag of Quriozzity flying high. He orchestrated the site, conducting online monthly quizzes for a couple of years. He has travelled the length and breadth of the country participating, winning and conducting quizzes. A doctor by profession he completed his MBBS and then his PG in Biochemistry from Assam Medical College. He did his SRship in NEIGRIHMS, Shillong and has made Shillong his abode. He is currently plying his trade at the Nazareth hospital in Shillong. He also has a popular blog with interesting anecdotes that you can check out.

Yasholankaar: Major Yasholankaar Bhagawati is the son of Guru Ananda Mohan Bhagawati and the Quiz Master of the event slated to be in the memory of his father.
An avid quizzer since his school and college days, Yasholankaar has varied interests ranging from music to performing arts to culture. He has a leaning towards dark subjects and the colour black. In the early part of the last decade, you would have found a person clad all in black participating in the various quizzes across the state, and your first guess as to the identity of the person would be correct.
A job with the Indian Army and various postings across India had kept him away from quizzing for some time. A posting in his hometown is a good way to reacquaint the quizzers from Assam with this well-known figure from the last decade in the Assam Quizzing scene.

Sukanya: Sukanya Lenhardt (nee Borah) is a name that would be known to Assam quizzers from 8-10 years ago. One of the few female quizzers as well as a quizmaster, Sukanya was a welcome change in the quizzing landscape teeming with aggressive and competitive males (not that she isn’t competitive herself).

Besides scanning the internet and books for interesting questions, Sukanya is a full time mom to her two year old, Sarah. The only thing she is proud of this year, she says, is finishing her Goodreads Reading Challenge in 6 months.

Bhaskar: Bhaskar Sarma is a journalist. He is a comparatively newer entrant to this group. However, his contributions, specially towards the live quizzes has been phenomenal. The range and variety that Bhaskar exhibits in his questions is enormous. Plus, the way his questions are framed are a treat. Workable clues are hidden cleverly between words, which makes cracking them fun. Bhaskar, with his partner Pratik, were a formidable team during their college days and featured in and won many quizzes in their time. Work has taken him away from the sport, but framing questions allows him to establish a bond time and again to this wonderful game called Quiz.

Pankaj: Pankaj Phukan is the Rohit Sharma of the Quriozzity team. Immensely talented guy who decides to use his skills only when he feels like doing so. A writer, an artist, a doctor and a diplomat, Pankaj wears many hats. And switches between them effortlessly. One of the founding members of Quriozzity, he is the man behind many of the questions on Arts, Movies and Music that you see in our quizzes. He is not bound by topics though, and serves up a platter on different topics, if he so desires

Kaustabh: Dr Kaustubh Bora is a scientist working with Indian Council of Medical Research, Lahoal. Kaustubh is a man of many passions. He loves his comic books and heroes, knows his mythology well, can hold court on any scientific topic with ease, and is a brilliant teacher. He is a connoiseur of culinary delights and is known to travel great distances to satiate his taste buds. In addition to his medical degrees, he holds a degree in Anthropology as well. In partnership with Pankaj Phukan, Kaustubh had a brief but brilliant quizzical career with many achievements to their name. As a question setter, however, Kaustubh has put in sustained effort to produce quality questions for the Quriozzity team time and again over a period of many years.

Arindam: Dr Arindam Phukan is a magician. He puts people to sleep. And while one is asleep, he makes sure no pain is felt. And if there is pain during waking hours, he manages that too. Arindam is an anaesthetist working at Assam Medical College and Hospital, and his job involves much more than putting people to sleep and getting them out of it. Another of the founding members of Quriozzity (yeah, there are many!), Arindam brings the same level of commitment to research as he does in catering to his patients. He can, and does, go to great lengths to research a question so that a quality product replete with fundas reaches you in the end.

Bijoy: Bijoy Bakal is one of the founding members of Quriozzity and its webmaster. A graduate of Assam Medical College and now a Pharmacologist by specialization. He works as Medical Reviewer in a Contract Research Organization. Students in and around Jorhat would be familiar with him as Quizmaster for various events at Jorhat Medical College as well as some other institutes around Jorhat in the recent past. Apart from quizzing, he is also a foodie and loves to cook and treat his friends to delectable food items. He is in the process of writing a cookbook too.