Quiz Name: Ananda Mohan Bhagawati Memorial Quiz 2nd Edition

Venue: Kanaklal Barua Auditorium, Assam State Museum, Guwahati

Date: 1st of December, 2019

Time: Registration starts 9 AM

Format: Solo quiz with Sequential eliminations.

Prizes: Cash prizes to top six plus Best School and Best female quizzer. Certificates to the top 24 and Best school and female quizzer.


  1. Preliminaries– 30 questions. Top 24 go through to the next round (divided in groups of 3 of 8 contestants each)
  2. Buzzer Round: 3 buzzer rounds for the 3 groups of 8. Top four from each group go through to next round.
  3. Rapid Fire: Two rounds of rapid fire- one topical and one general. For the topical one, contestants can choose from a list of subjects on display. This list will also be put up on display at Quriozzity website by 15th of November so that participants can prepare, if they want to. Top six go through to the final section.
  4. Final Round: Normal quizzing. 24-30 questions, to be structured as per the QM’s wishes.

Scores will be cumulative. Scores from the Buzzer round will be carried over to the Rapid Fire which will be carried over to the Final round. Tie-Breakers will be there. In case tie-breakers are exhausted, preliminaries scores shall be used to break the tie.

There will be three QMs for the event, backed  by the Quriozzity research team.

The organizers reserve the right to change the rules, if needed and they will be intimated before the specific round takes place. Participation in the event implies that contestants will abide by the rules of the competition.

Results of 1st AMB Memorial Solo Quiz, 2018

Results of 1st AMB Memorial Solo Quiz, 2018

The family of Guru Ananda Mohan Bhagawati and the quiz group Quriozzity conducted the first edition of Ananda Mohan Bhagawati Memorial Solo Quiz at Kanaklal Barua Auditorium at Assam State Museum today. After gruelling buzzer, rapid fire and conventional rounds, Sandipan Goswami emerged champion and won cash prize of Rs 5000/-. Bhrigu Talukdar, Jyotish Kalita, Rittwik Bhattacharyya, Nayanjyoti Medhi and Biswayan Bhattacharya got the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th  prizes respectively winning prizes of Rs 3000/-, 2000/-, 1500/-, 1200 and 1000/- respectively.

Manas Pratim Sarmah was adjudged the best school quizzer while Dr Harveen Kaur Gulati won the Best Female Quizzer award.

The quiz was conducted by Dr Vinay Upadhyay and Major Yasholankaar Bhagawati.

Quiz result in Assam Tribune